1. One of the  well-known manipulations.5

Actually it is just a fake photo.6

2. German soldiers are laughing after a woman.111

This is original version. 22

3.What a terrible photo, right?33

Actually it is just a normal bakery.44

4. I know this one looks fake.7

But in 1940s it was realistic for many people.8

5. This photo is disguisting, right?11

Actually it is not.2

6. There is an another example.3

Original version.4



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The Root Causes of the Religious and Ethnic Conflicts in Syria and Iraq

The American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and American foreign policy mistakes were major reasons for rise of violence in Iraq as well as emergence of her own enemy, the Islamic State. Ideology and motivations of the Islamic State were shaped by Anti-Americanism and Anti-Americanism was rekindled by the USA. This study takes a critical look at issue of how wrong decisions of the USA caused increasing violence in Iraq and Syria and how Anti-Americanism braced the Islamic State. Also, it focuses upon  discriminatory policies of the USA in Iraq and how these policies turned into one of reasons rising religious and ethnic conflicts. In addition, it focuses upon melioration efforts of the USA and their results.

Keywords: Islamic State, Anti-Americanism, American Foreign Policy, Middle East.

An Urban Legend, The Curse of Saddam

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A Comparison between Jesus and Muhammad.

maxresdefaultPROS Of JESUS CHRIST

  1. Jesus is founder of Christianity which is dominant religion in the world.
  2.  Jesus Christ taught peace, nonviolence and mercy. He was more peaceful than Muhammad.
  3. Jesus did not have a wife. That makes him more godlike and unquestionable. We know that Muhammad’ marriages creates some problems nowadays.
  4. Jesus was against the war. He did not use war as a tool to spread his religion.
  5. Jesus never owned slavers, or traded them.


  1. Jesus could not spread even his own religion. His followers spread Christianity.
  2. Because of Christian Pacifism, religion of Jesus could not spread rapidly in it’s first times.
  3. Jesus’ teachings have been changed. There were many additions over the first version of Christianity.
  4. Even people do not know where is his grave.
  5. Jesus could not save Christians from persecution.


  1. The most loyal group of believers are still Muslims.
  2. Muhammad gave the dispersed people a secure kingdom.
  3. He reduced inequality in his society.
  4. Muhammad spread his religion by himself. Even he ruled his Islamic kingdom.
  5. Muhammad did not claimed that he was God’s son. He told that he was human being. So Muhammad married, divorced and had children.
  6. Muhammad was realistic. His thoughts were for the real world, not for the heaven.
  7. Muhammad’ teachings have not been changed much.


  1. Muhammad used violence to spread his religion.
  2. Muhammad married a 9 years old girl and he had at least 14 wives. For people it is hard to understand.
  3. He had slaves. Yes, he gave freedom thousands of people but still he had some slaves.